Those sweet moments in our life are precious. Since 1999 Istana Boneka has lightened up many faces with those sweet moments through our high quality soft toys.

In 1999, Istana Boneka started up with a physical store in the city of flower, called Malang - East of Java, Indonesia. Since the beginning we believe creativity and consistency is our key to be the best soft toys manufacturer.

Today with 40 stores spread across Java island and Bali, Istana Boneka has also emerged as a well-known soft toys manufacturer in Indonesia. We have also penetrated International market as a holder of a global licensing product.

We continuously grow to serve many more patrons and through each toy we would love to actualize our mission, which is to lighten up many faces through sweet moments. One toy accounts to every hug and every smile.

We are not only excited to produce the best soft toys, but we are also determined to give out sweet memories through our products and services. Our vision is to become the best soft toys manufacturer in the domestic and regional scale.

In order to achieve this mission, we produce each item through strict and tested production process. Each of our stores is a showcase of our best products for you to enjoy. Whether as a companion to play or an addition to the collection, Istana Boneka has been a part of each of our patrons’ lives. Moreover, Istana Boneka products are handmade by the children of the nation. Thus, we believe our success in the future will bring good name of Indonesia internationally.

Our individual customers as well as corporate clients have entrusted Istana Boneka to brighten up their events. From wedding, anniversary, to kids and adult birthday parties, Istana Boneka products become special souvenirs to the guests. Istana Boneka is also trusted by many corporate clients to provide high-quality corporate gifts to represent their brands. Our corporate clients come from a wide range of industrial backgrounds, from financial institutions, hotels to automotive. Every trust you give as our loyal customer is very valuable. Therefore, we will keep flaring up our passion to serve you with the best soft toys.

Istana Boneka is coming to more cities to reach every part of Indonesia. Through more than 35 retail stores, you can choose among more than 200 type of plush toys in every Istana Boneka store. Our stores are located around residence area, school, and other activities centres to better reach Indonesian families.

We design every Istana Boneka store to let you choose the complete range of plush toys conveniently. We arrange various types of plush toys in neat and beautiful order to ease you in selecting the besh plush toys that suit your hobby or character. Last but not least, our staffs are ready to assist you any time you visit our store.

To complete your shopping experience in our store, we are now developing our Online Shop for extra convenience. We assure you we are not stopping right here, we will continously expand our stores to the next potential location to better serve you, our lovely customer. Wait for our presence in your city!

Istana Boneka has fulfilled international as well as national standardization (SNI). More than 3000 pieces are produced and delivered to each Istana Boneka retail store. In every level of production, our product has to go through rigorous testing process to ensure the dolls displayed in Istana Boneka stores are the best products we have for you.

Apart from producing exclusive designs for Istana Boneka stores, we are also the only rightful manufacturer of Disney Princess plush toys and home accessories in Indonesia. Currently we are also preparing to become the main producers of many international products to be marketed nationally.

Istana Boneka soft toys are designed by our creative teams, who are profound in transforming two-dimensional images into three-dimensional form, and are further processed by our production teams who are expert and precise in assembling each part of the doll. Our team consists of selected local people who always put first accuracy and optimal result. We believe our success internationally will bring good name to Indonesia, as it shows local creations are able to be competed international scale.

As for today, our manufactory continues to expand to meet the increasing demand from customers. While maintaining the quality, we expand not only in terms of production quantity but also the variance of characters produced. Growing along with our patrons’ phase of life, we would love to continue being part of your life.